Thermaltake Silent 775


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Thermaltake continues to bring innovative solutions to CPU cooling challenges. The CL-P0092 "Silent 775" combines multiple features for optimal cooling of high-powered CPUs. The iridescent fan moves an impressive 43CFM of cooling air. Its funneled shroud creates a higher pressure to increase cooling. The mounting bracket on the cooler accepts other 90mm funneled fans as well as 80mm fans for maximum flexibility for your modding needs.

The base of the cooler is made of copper for optimal thermal conductivity as it rests directly against the chip's heat spreader to draw away damaging excess heat. Two seamlessly soldered heatpipes rise from the base to penetrate the aluminum cooling fin array above for maximum heat transfer and dissipation.

The Silent 775 easily mounts without tools by using spring screws and includes a safety back plate to protect the motherboard from weight related stress fractures. The Silent 775 is specifically designed to efficiently cool Intel Socket LGA775 processors.