Nexus AOP-6400


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The Nexus AOP-6400 SkiveTek® is an aluminum & copper, SkiveTek® technology heat sink equipped with a fan with 2400 RPM and a noise production of only 19 dB(A).

The aluminum heat sink has a 99.5% pure copper base plate fitted over the full bottom of the SkiveTek aluminum heat sink for optimal heat conductivity.

The patented V-shaped fins on the Nexus AOP-6400 SkiveTek® optimize the airflow and prevent air obstruction. This results in a stable RPM level and an extremely low noise operation.

  This heat sink is produced using SkiveTek technology to achieve the best possible cooling. The SkiveTek base is bent around a copper core to create the Radial effect and to optimize dissipation surface.  

Suitable for:

  • AMD Athlon 64 X2 up to 4800+

  • AMD Athlon 64 up to 3800+

  • AMD Opteron 

  • AMD Sempron



The fan on the AOP-6400 is a real silent fan, which measures only 19 dB(A) and a high airflow level of  21.1 CFM




- Model number:                 AOP-6400

    - Dimensions:                      78x79x68mm (incl fan)  
    - Sockets:                          940, 939, 754  
    - Weight:                      490 grams  
  Fan: - Dimensions:                 70x70x25 mm  
    - Rotation Speed:            2400 RPM (+/-10%)  
    - Noise Level:                  19 dB(A)  
    - Airflow:                       21.1CFM  
    - Warranty:                     3 Years